How it works:

1. You will have a virtual $100 to spend on each nominated race using win and place bets (no exotic bets). You can have a maximum of four bets using the $100. E.g. you could have a $50 win bet on one horse, a $20 win bet on another, and $15 each way on a third.

2. Virtual winnings will be calculated on Betfair Starting Price (BSP). Note: the Betfair commission will not apply on the winning price. There is no fixed-priced betting. There is also no future bets.

3. After each round of tipping your virtual kitty will be calculated. Note: the $100 for each race is subtracted from your kitty. E.g. if you put $100 on a horse at $2 and win your kitty will be $100. If you lost, you would be -$100.

4. There will be 13 rounds of tipping beginning with the Winx Stakes on 19 August 2023 and finishing on Thousand Guineas day on 18 November 2023. Note the schedule may be subject to change (See Schedule).

5. Cash prizes will be awarded to round winners and overall winners (first, second and third) based on virtual kitty at the end of the competition. Cash prizes for 2023 are TBA:

AwardPrize Money
Rounds Winners (13)$650 ($50 per round)
Captain Consistency$125
Cup Week Hero$125

6. Entry is $55 and is payable when signing up to the website.

7. Tips must be submitted via the website each week. All tips are due before the first race jumps on the card of each race day – Cutoff will apply to which ever venue starts first. E.g. If there are tipping races on at Flemington (11:15am) and Randwick (11:45am), cutoff will be at 11:15am. Tipping for night meetings e.g. Friday night at the Valley will be the same.

If for some reason you cannot submit your tips (technical or personal) you can email tips to or post them to the WhatsApp group.

Integrity provision: if tips are not received on time you get -$100 for the race. You can change tips before the cut-off – so post early if you wish. But you cannot change tips after the cut-off. You can change your tips as many times as you like using the “submit your tips” page on the website.

Tips will be read from top-down. So if you accidentally screw up and post $60 on horse 1 and $50 on horse 2 you will end up with $60 on horse 1 and $40 on horse two. If you under bet (e.g. only bet $90) then it stands.

8. When submitting your tips for each race, please also include a substitute horse(s) in the event of a late scratching (after the tipping deadline). The sub will replace any horse in your tips that scratches. E.g. If you have $50 each way on Subpoenaed and she scratches, your substitute tip will also then be $50ew. If you have multiple subs, the first sub listed will be taken.

If you don’t enter a substitute horse and there is a late scratching you will be awarded the top-weighted horse.

9. Integrity provision: if any grey areas arise during the comp a ruling will be sought from Group 1 Admin. If there is not a consensus, I (Merc) will make the final call. If any Admin are directly involved in the inquiry, then they will be replaced from the panel at the discretion of Merc.

10. All results will be accessible on the website

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