Gday guys Just a quick update on yesterday’s results for those who weren’t on the group chat. It came down to a 20c difference on the tote price! With Troup having $100 place on She’s Ideel at $11, beating Doc who had $100 win on Mo’unga at $10.80. Scotty O was in third on $510 (Mo’unga $50w $30p), with Andrew Searle in 4th with $100p on VE.

The rest of us scored 0.0

I will send another email during the week to announce prize money and the bonus side-comps. The survey monkey should also be sorted for next week. There will be a dedicated survey monkey just for any changes (+ a few of us will use it to ensure we don’t go over 40).

NameWinx Stakes
Scooter McGavin$510.00
A. Searle$100.00
Winx Stakes
PlacingsHorsewin (top tote)place (top tote)
2ndVerry Elleegant$2.00
3rdShe’s Ideel$11.00

Cheers Merc

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