Good morning lads,

Just getting used to the new website and needed Snake to show me the ropes, so results out a bit late this week.

Big Behemoth went back to back in the Memsie and there were plenty that found him at the short price of $3.10 top tote. Unfortunately for most backers (including yours truly), the price crumbled late creating an opportunity for place betters. And would you believe it a $100 place bet has won again! Two weeks in a bloody row!

Law had a $100 on Beau Rossa to place at $3.20 to take the Round 2 win. Whilst Buzz, Skinny and Merc had to settle for equal 2nd (all having $100 on Behemoth win). There were 13 tipsters in the positive. Full round 2 results below.

Overall the top 3 have remained unchanged, with Troup still in the lead from Doc and Scotty (check the leaderboard tab for full results to see where you sit).

This week we have the mid-season break, but look out for a survey where we will be adding 3 races to the calendar – voted by you.

*also just a note to keep your usernames the same for the tips you submit as they are linked in the background to the spreader. If you would like your name to be displayed differently in the leaderboard let me know.

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