Welcome to the 2022 running of Australia’s most prestigious tipping comp, the Group 1 Club (affectionately known as Merc’s Group 1 Tipping).

Foreword by Millers

“When Merc & Mills™️ had a dream back in 2016 of bringing a degenerate bunch of like-minded individuals together to create the most engaging semi professional tipping association on terra firma, never did the dynamic duo think it would become such a juggernaut; with grown men (and the odd worm🐛) crawling over broken glass to secure a seat at the table each Spring; craving the social interaction and a healthy dose of controversy that is so reliably delivered through this famous/infamous platform. This year promises to be no different and with any luck will all culminate on track with a truly grand Stakes Day crescendo, after two years of covid-riddled plans to come together and celebrate, commiserate and, most importantly, lubricate 🍻 with one another (and in many cases, putting faces to names/whatsapp keyboard warriors). We look forward to another champion being crowned; almost as much as the copious amounts of banter, the hotly debated talking points, the punting heroics, the final leg heartache, and the salacious rumour & innuendo spilt along the way.”

So many questions to be answered this campaign. Does JRod take home his 4thconsecutive crown and become the G1 GOAT? Does Sim have to renovate the kitchen to accommodate his 4th spoon? Does Deano make relevant and insightful comments about Hilly as a bloke? Does Hilly retaliate by banning Deano from the group chat?  Which provincial Cup Day does The Cat get booted from this year? Does Nato start drinking at 2pm every Saturday and post absolute dribble before the feature most weeks? Who takes home the Hottest Lady In Racing – Induced Coma division? Join us to find out!

After almost 10 years of this comp being run the entry fee has increased slightly to $55. The way Merc tells it the admin is worse than childbirth, and the additional $5 will go some way to reducing the burden through some technical improvements (many thanks to Snake and Law). Also as flagged because of the new technical improvements you’ll need to pay before you play, so ante up and head to https://www.group1club.com/ to sign you life away for the next three months.  Rules and potential prize money to follow, but generally very similar if not exactly the same as last year; win or place bets only for every group 1 (and a few other select features e.g. PVL pop ups) for the Spring Carnival. The current tipping schedule can be found here, but as usual we have a subdued start before building momentum into October.

All are welcome, so if you’ve got any degenerate mates that want in let us know or send them the link and get them to sign up. And we’ll get them in the chat, it truly is the pinnacle of highbrow analysis of, well, any topic we get started on. Until Sim and Hilly start up. 

Yours in punting 

G1 Admins

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