A huge win by GOLD TRIP ($25.42 BSP) in the Turnbull Stakes has seen three tipsters share the Round 6 victory, pocketing $2242 in virtual cash – Worm, Rusty and Austin (with back to back round wins). All three had their $100 on GOLD TRIP and failed to back any other winners for the day, which was MONTEFILIA ($3.57) in the Hill Stakes and CEPHEUS ($7.78) in the Alan Brown Stakes.

Austin now has a total kitty of $5,969.00!! For reference last year’s winner, Worm, had a final kitty of $2,833.50. So the question is, can Austin continue this purple patch of tipping?? There are still 31 races to tip, so thats a long way to go still. But even if Austin fails to collect again, he will still beat last years winning score!! The record is $3,069.44, held by Law in 2018, but that year did include exotics (trifectas and quins). Surely it gets beaten this year. Do we attribute this to BSP? I would have to run the numbers….if I can be bothered.

Hot on Austin’s heels is Mr Consistent himself, Law on $4,439.75, who has returned a positive result in all six rounds of tipping so far! An incredible achievement, and I hope he has been backing them personally too. Wardy moves back into third on $2,630.50 after a couple of consolidating rounds with small wins. Still very much in striking distance. Full leaderboard here

Overall, there are currently 21 tipsters in the positive for the season, which is a decent performance by this esteemed group of normal men.

I have the results of the Wrestling poll, but fucked up the formulas for the ‘free text’ so I actually couldn’t see what you wrote. Which is kind of stupid as “Other” actually won the poll. So please let me know who you voted for? But here are the results anyway:

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