They say the cream rises to the top during cup week. That also has nothing to do with The Cat winning round 11 of the tipping comp. But alas, we must spend a few minutes here stroking (or patting) his ego. The Cat turned a profit of $2232 for the round with $100 on ATTRACTABLE ($22.66 BSP) in the Big Dance and $100 on ZARDOZI ($2.66) in the Oaks. Hot on his paws was Nizzy (vision and power) on $1966 also with $100 on ATTRACTABLE. Sharing third on $833 was Andrew Searle and Millers, both had $50 on ATTRACTABLE. Interestingly, no one had their full $100 on the cup winner WITHOUT A FIGHT ($10.06), but Benny O’b, Graham and Kilsby had $50 on.

The Cat is also now leading the Cup Week Hero competition – but there are still five races to go this Saturday. Btw tipping is now open for Round 12.

Chriso leads the Captain Consistency award on 7 points, with two rounds remaining.

Austin still leads overall on $6197, despite not having a collect for four weeks! Law in second on $3094.50 and Law third on $2796.75. Still eight races remain for someone to find a roughy or two.

I will post the results of the Ladies Day Poll separately, because I’m currently in the office and don’t want to be seen creating a photo montage of half naked chicks.


Melbourne Cup
PlacingsHorseWin (BSP)Place (BSP)
1stWITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE)$10.06$3.90
2ndSOULCOMBE (GB)$3.77
3rdSHERAZ (FR)$29.69
The Big Dance
PlacingsHorseWin (BSP)Place (BSP)
2ndCEPHEUS (GB)$2.36
VRC Oaks
PlacingsHorseWin (BSP)Place (BSP)
3rdBASILINNA (NZ)$2.66
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