Austin has sealed victory for this year’s Group 1 Tipping with a composed final round of tipping. No roughies winning, made it basically impossible for anyone to catch him, but he tipped $100 on MAGIC TIME ($4.67 BSP) in the Sir Rupert Clarke to end the year on a high anyway. Austin’s overall kitty of $5864 was the highest tally in competition history, bettering the previous mark of $3069 set by Law in 2018. Some may point to the fact we used BSP this year as the reason why hit kitty was so high. But even if we removed the Betfair commission, his score still would’ve been a clear record. For all you punting nuffies, Austin’s profit on turnover was a massive 124.77%!!

Wardy finished 2nd with a kitty of $4411.90 (profit on turnover 93.87%) and would’ve won the comp in any other year! It was a stellar effort, but he just found one better. Wardy found a couple of winners in the final round with $40 on JOLIESTAR ($5.06) in the Thousand Guineas and $50 on COAL CRUSHER ($5.32) in the Hunter.

Law won the battle for 3rd with a kitty of $2932.75 (profit on turnover 62.4%). Law burst out of the blocks with positive returns in the first six rounds of tipping, but was unable to find consistency late in the comp.

Vision and Power (Nizzy) won the final round of tipping on $465.50 with $50 on MAGIC TIME and $100 on COAL CRUSHER. You can see all past round winners here

Chriso held on to claim the Captain Consistency award on 8 points (8 positive rounds from 13), from Law and Wardy on 7.

Overall 14 tipsters produced a positive kitty at the end of the comp, which is 33% of entrants – so not a bad performance really. Although I guess it means 66% of us are shite. The positive 14 are below. The full leaderboard is here.

12Sim Shaw$302.90
13Chris Mc$28.50

I will finalise the prize money payments this week, but below is the full results of where the money went this year:

Finally, thanks for everyone for sticking with us this year. Admin (Merc & Snake) will being enjoying a nice rest, but will be back again next year bigger and better than ever!

Cheers, Merc

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