Steve ‘Freezer’ Freeling has won Round 2 and taken home the jackpot prize of $100 after being the only tipster to have $100 on Snapdancer – which I didn’t expect to happen with 51 other tipsters.

Filling the rest of the weekly podium was Worm ($55 win Snapdancer) and Nato ($50 win Snapdancer).

PlacingsHorsewin (top tote)place (top tote)
3rdCASCADIAN (GB)$2.80

Overall Freezer has taken the lead from Simmy49 and Worm, but obviously it’s still early days.

Simmy49 and ASearle are the joint leaders of the Captain Consistency Award as the only two tipsters to produce a positive result in both rounds so far.

No Group 1’s this week so enjoy the weekend off.

Result of the Country Cup šŸ¤  Poll

The people have spoken. And joining the tipping calendar we welcome the following country cups: Balaklava, Bendigo, Kyneton, Kalgoorlie and Port Macquarie!

Along with the Geelong Cup, these 6 races will form the inaugural Country Cup King award. I reckon we have a bloody good spread of races across this wide brown land. These have now been added to the schedule with the Balaklava Cup the first up on Wednesday 14 September (Round 3). On a side note, we now have exactly 50 races to tip this year!

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